Frequently  Asked  Questions (FAQs)  & Concerns

    1. How much do you charge?

    It depends on three things:

    What venue? (How close? Are there stairs? Do we need to hire a sound tech? Is a sound system provided?)

    What time of year? (We are in demand more often during summers and holidays, so those times generally cost more. Other times of year cost less.)

    How long and what time of day / night do you need us to play?

    We usually charge about as much as a deejay.

    2. How are John and Dave related?

    They are father (John) and son (Dave).

    3. Are you ever releasing any of your original material?

    Yes! The van Dyke revue and some of Dave’s solo material can be found on spotify.

    4. Where do the names “Van Dyke Revue” and “Backsliders” come from?

    The group (under a different lineup) started playing under “The Van Dyke Acoustic Revue,” a play on some of the blues and R & B bands that were big in the late 1960’s. John came up with the name “Backsliders.”

    5. Who manages the website?


    6. Are you related to Dick?


    7. What is the current line-up?

    The current VDR line up is John Van Dyke (vocals, guitar, piano, violin), Dave Van Dyke (vocals, guitar, harp), Bo Martin (drums, vocals) and Jerry Crowe (bass, vocals).

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    We know. You would love to have a live band at your party / wedding / tavern / corporate party, but you have many concerns.

    A. You are concerned the band’s volume will be too loud or not loud enough.

    The Van Dyke Revue will turn down or up as the proprietor requests it to be. Generally, The Van Dyke Revue performs at a reasonable volume. Guests will be able to hear the band, but will also be able to carry on a conversation while enjoying the music.

    B. You are concerned the band will dress unprofessionally.

    We wear jerseys. The Van Dyke Revue assumes the engagement requires semi-proper attire (as seen in this photo), unless otherwise informed.

    C. You are concerned the band will only play one type of music and /or will not play songs your audience wants to hear.

    The Van Dyke Revue is a variety band. The band regularly performs over 200 songs, featuring older rock and roll, traditional country / bluegrass, blues, soul, 80’s & 90’s rock, beach music, torch songs, and dinner music. The Van Dyke Revue can provide “special song” requests, when given advanced notice.

    D. You are concerned the band will “cheat,” using backing tracks and preprogrammed machines.

    The Van Dyke Revue is pure music. There is never any preprogrammed or “packaged” music. The Van Dyke Revue takes pride in learning every song it performs.

    E. You are concerned the band will not have a following.

    Through hard work, The Van Dyke Revue has acquired a following throughout Northern Indiana and Southern Michigan. This website regularly experiences weekly hits from the Michiana area.

    F. You are concerned the band will not advertise.

    The Van Dyke Revue will advertise your engagement in the South Bend TribuneThe Herald, this website, and weekly paper schedules, distributed at every engagement. 

    G. You are concerned every song will sound alike.

    The Van Dyke Revue utilizes three lead vocalists, drums, bass, harmonica, piano, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, and violin. The repertoire is varied and eclectic.

    H. You are concerned the band will not allow “sit-ins” or other guest musicians.

    The Van Dyke Revue regularly features guest musicians

    I. You are concerned the band will not provide a contract, or worse, fail to show up!

    The Van Dyke Revue has missed two of  thousands of  engagements (due to a car accident en route and a family emergency). Since the band was founded in 1999, The Van Dyke Revue has prided itself on reliability. Contracts are readily available, should you require one.

    J. You are concerned the band will not have proper stage lighting or sound equipment.

    The Van Dyke Revue will provide all sound and lighting equipment needed.

    K. You want to throw a Holiday / Theme Party and are afraid the band won™t fit in.

    The Van Dyke Revue has played at many theme parties. Check us out at these different events here

  • 12. You have other concerns...
  • Feel free to contact The Van Dyke Revue online or through the booking lines:
  • IN: (574) 220-VAND      
  • MI: (269) 697-4246