In October of 2020, Dave wrote an essay to Reader’s Digest magazine, naming Buchanan Michigan the :Nicest Place in America.” The Van Dyke Revue performed at the ceremony honoring the town and appeared on the BBC.

When the COVID-19 pandemic canceled Buchanan’s beloved Memorial Day parade, a 150-year-old tradition, the town persevered by hanging banners of their local veteran heroes up and down the streets, turning downtown into a 24/7 celebration of service and freedom. And when George Floyd was killed€ on Memorial Day itself€ Buchanan residents joined with town leaders and police in a peace march, calling for justice and saying in one loud voice, “not in our town.”

When Coomarasamy asked one resident if we can heal America’s divisions, she replied without hesitation, “Absolutely!”€¯ The key? According to this BBC report, it’s simple: Being nice.¯  At Reader’s Digest, that means treating each other with dignity and respect, working to enrich our communities, turning neighbors into friends, and welcoming strangers.

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